Weekly After School Classes

Enrollment for Artistic Enrichment for the 2022-2023 school year is now open!

Dates / Time: Tuesday evenings (3 sessions per unit)
6PM – 7PM (Arrival starts at 5:55PM)

Location: The Gamber Center

Ages: Early Elementary (5-9yrs) Intermediate (10-14yrs)

Unit Tuition: $60

*Note: Once you have purchased your seat(s) you will receive a registration form via email per participant. Forms must be completed to secure your seats.

Each month our Artistic Enrichment course will focus on an artist and his/her style of art and how they were influential in the art world. We will incorporate a variety of media, inspired by the selected artist, and complete 1-2 projects during each unit. Participants will be guided through step by step and shown how to apply artistic techniques and skills to create thought driven masterpieces of their own! Students can be expected to learn art terms and new techniques.

2022-2023 Artistic Enrichment Unit Schedule

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